Particle Persephone Biosciences begins partnership with Curebase, a fellow Y Combinator company that has created CURE-19, a platform for at-home COVID-19 clinical trials. Learn More

Breaking News: Persephone Biosciences Announces AI-Driven Microbiome Therapeutic and Diagnostic Programs for COVID-19 Press Release

Example One ® DECODE.DESIGN.CURE We combine artificial intelligence with population-scale patient data to develop ground-breaking microbial cell therapies to end cancer.

Next Quote “The effectiveness of drugs that help the immune system fight cancer cells appears to depend on bacteria in the gut" -Smithsonian Next Quote “Functional omics analysis [will be] routinely integrated into microbiome drug development.” -Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Next Quote "By making the microbiome more accessible and treating one of the leading killers, it could create a massive business that does real good.” -TechCrunch Next Quote “In the microbiome, nothing is straightforward, at least for now. But researchers like Culler, who at 13 lost both grandmothers to cancer, have made it their mission to sort it out.” -Chemical & Engineering News

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